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Daryl is the younger brother of Merle and is the camp's expert hunter and tracker, his signature weapon being a crossbow.

Daryl is a violent and short-tempered man at first, but he soon forms a close bond with fellow survivor Carol Peletier and slowly becomes Rick's most trusted right-hand man and an important asset to the group.

Once naive and childish, he began to mature after losing members of his group, including his mother.

As the apocalypse goes on, he slowly becomes colder and scolds those he thinks are not living in the real world.

It is based on the Comic Series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.She becomes cold in her killing, however after meeting Morgan the effects of all the people she has killed begin to weigh on her, causing her to flee from Alexandria.She is found and saved by Morgan before being killed by a Savior named Roman.An honest, kind and lawful man, Rick worked in King County, Georgia as a sheriff's deputy who after awaking from a coma finds the world ravaged by an undead apocalypse.He becomes the leader of a group of survivors from Atlanta, Georgia.

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Her abusive husband, Ed, was killed by walkers during an attack on the original Atlanta camp.

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