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Ye-Jin is the producer of music program "Music Bank." Seung-Chan is then devastated when he sees his secret crush and PD Joon-Mo (Cha Tae-Hyun) being affectionate towards each other. Kim Soo Hyun not confirm until Kong Hyo Jin confirm, it is indicate that Kim Soo Hyun just want to act alongside A list actress.

After a long and hard day, PD Ye-Jin is finally able to track down the owner of the expensive car. I still don't get why they made the pairings like that when it was kinda obvious who should've ended up with who in the end so I'd probably rate this 5/10 coz of the cast but the story was average apart from the scenes with Cindy and Seung Chan coz I just loved them (bias I know but whatever) Only those who loves watching Korean variety shows and understands the life a PD needs to watch this drama.But this drama is definitely in my top 10 dramas of all time.Knowing that one of your favorite actress (Kong hyo jin) and your favorite actor (Kim soo hyun) in one drama feels like your heart will burst at any moment. I'm hoping for season 2 :) I fell in love with IU in this drama. Enjoyed this drama, however the producers of the drama trying a 'The Office' style of filming was just not executed well. Baek Seung Chan may seem like a bumbling fool and a looser, but they show that he has the smart and integrity which eventually makes everybody unwittingly loves and admire him, just as his mother says. And just like what i thought, he is so funny in this drama. Kim soo hyun is really a great actor.acting was really natural in this drama.. How can she be different people from Taeyang (TMS), Ji Hae Soo (IOIL), and now in Producer as PD Tak Ye Jin! For those who don't like Kim Soo Hyun's character because he doesn't play the usual heroic male lead, they miss the point. I watched this drama because i was so curious about Kim soo hyun's character as Baek seung chan in this drama..

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