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The ministry was planning an awareness campaign next year.When I became a widower after 28 years of a healthy marriage, I knew how to turn on the washing machine and to navigate the drive-through at Mc Donald's. For nine months after the funeral, I got sympathetic calls from single lady friends wishing to bring the bereaved a casserole. Ministry of Consumer Affairs spokesman Richard Parlett said at least 10 Kiwis each month reported being scammed through dating websites but that was probably "the tip of the iceberg".The previous highest amount scammed he had heard of was ,000.And, the few I did write to, who were 5 to 10 years older than me, replied telling me that I was too old for them!!A widow became the victim of what's thought to be New Zealand's biggest internet dating scam after losing 0,000 in a little over 10 weeks.

he had an old computer strapped in the front seat - and on the back seats were various other old computer parts.Tinder and its GPS-based sister apps have taken the dating world by storm. While some have dubbed them as “hook-up” apps, there’s at least some anecdotal evidence that these digital tools are leading to marriages and meaningful relationships. He said the amount was astounding and should be a big warning to others to be wary of cyber-predators.A Western Union spokesman in New Zealand said they had "heaps" of problems with scammers, usually from Nigeria, Spain or Britain, who used fake ID.

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