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Faronics provides toll free technical support via phone at the following numbers; * Telephone (USA/Canada): 1-800-943-6422 x 1 * Telephone (International): 1-604-637-3333 x 1 Support can be reached via email to; * [email protected]

Workstations failing to display in the console can have a number of underlying causes.

OVERVIEW Customers running Anti-Executable Enterprise or WINSelect Enterprise on Windows 10 may experience issues with using the keyboard or mouse on the client workstations after upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (Build 1607). In testing Faronics has found that the installation of the Anniversary Update on machines running Anti-Executable can result in a workstations being unable to be accessed once the upgrade process is complete.

The upgrade process results in a number of k..._YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS INSTRUCTION SET FOR DEEPFREEZE TO NOT CREATE CLONES IN YOUR AVAST FOR BUSINESS PORTAL._ You will need a thawed space, approximately 5GB (it can be smaller, but 5GB is a safe size).

Issue: When installed Deep Freeze does not properly freeze a Hyper-V virtual machine running a Generation 2 virtual disk.

To determine if your virtual machines are running as a Generation 1 or a Generation 2 machine run the following command in Power Sh...

You will need a program called Data Igloo from F...

Deep Freeze 8.31 made several enhancements to license activation to curb piracy and over-deployment issues.

During the install process systems running the 32bit version of Windows Server 20...This document will detail the suggested best practices for the running of Windows Updates on a workstation protected by Deep Freeze Enterprise.Deep Freeze Standard does not include the options needed to automate the Windows Update process unless used in ... After a 12 year run, Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP [ and this has a lot of people worried since Windows XP is still a widely deployed operating sy...INTRODUCTION Deep Freeze provides administrators with a solution to protect endpoints from changes by removing all changes on...Usage Stats is a component of the Deep Freeze Cloud product suite that can track the use of managed computers and can provide reporting indicating; * What applications are being used, including time, number of users, and number of computers that the a...

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