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Again they have the small links which will probably enable malware, so simply avoid them.If you are promoting your work or yourself properly you will get followers on Instagram.Again they have the same tiny link that will take you a site ready to dump spyware on you. Of course when using anything connecting to the internet you should be careful on clicking strange links that promise things.

I think by now, everyone should be aware of this scam, because you find it on the normal internet as well. As a creative and the Behance NRW community manager, I utilize all forms of social media to promote things. There are some foolish people out there who fall for this.And one of the biggest tools that I use is Instagram, however Instagram also contains quite a bit of Insta SCAMs! Let's say suddenly you get a few likes from some beautiful girl.Because it is so easy to sign up for an Instagram account and... When you go to her Instagram feed, it says something to the effect that she likes to chat. Well, you do not want to be one of the million guys who clicks on that link or likes her page. When you like a picture on Instagram the person get some data on you, possibly your real name, your email address, etc. Sometimes these small links will lead you to sites that will send malware, spyware or a trojan to your device.that Instagram nor Facebook have set up any real security with this application it has become a target for scammers. But you notice there is only pictures that somewhat sexy in nature. This even happens when you comment or follow a person. Thus, they invade your space and learn even more about you and maybe have access to important info stored on your device. any person that only has sexy pictures up either is a Playboy Model (whose account is probably run by a PR person) or a scammer.

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