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Its Memorandum and Articles of Association have been registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. The AHA’s second priority is to ensure that the hypnotherapy profession is represented appropriately to government and other professional organisations.

The AHA is unlike any other body for hypnotherapists in Australia.

The AHA represents only professional clinical hypnotherapists and fulfils many crucial roles within the framework of the hypnotherapy profession.

These include maintaining the national register and ensuring consistent standards in training by providing a course recognition scheme, while also promoting diversity.

It’s now looking for buyers for its remaining coal mines in Australia; the sale of those will mark a complete exit from the fossil fuel.

Rio’s potential coal-free future is in stark contrast with many of its rivals.

She said the hand-reared puppies were 'thriving' and a 'credit to the parents'.

Just five years ago it would have been almost unthinkable that one of the world’s biggest mining companies would not dig any more coal. Rio Tinto, the world’s second-largest miner, has been steadily backtracking from coal to focus on better assets.

Miley the Dalmatian broke an Australian record, equalled the world's best and even surpassed Perdita's achievement in the Disney film 101 Dalmatians when she gave birth on May 18.Even so, mining companies are increasingly having to consider how global proposals to curb greenhouse gases will impact the future of commodities they mine, said Ms Wildsmith, who’s part of a team of investors that talks to firms like BHP and Rio about climate change.“The big diversified miners are all trying to work out which commodities are going to be most disadvantaged in the future, and the low-carbon transition is one of the big uncertainties that they and other companies are facing,” she said.While many miners are bullish on coal, the world’s dirtiest fuel has become a flashpoint for a growing movement of investors calling for miners to cut their exposure.For example, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund doesn’t invest in firms that make 30 per cent of their sales from coal, while the Church of England sets the limit at 10 per cent.

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