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I took baby aspirin for a clotting disorder and I have a handsome 3 year old son, but my clotting disorder also caused a stroke last October so I suggest you investigate just what this clotting issue is and see what can be done what kind of baby aspirin should I take and how soon after a M/C .Monday I found out I was M/C and I am still bleeding.According to the consumer watchdog, more than 40,000 of Telstra's Ftt N and Ftt B NBN customers were unable to attain the maximum speeds they signed up for, with the telco now offering compensation to those affected.I had another m/c at 7 weeks though and the emergency doctors up here told me I should have been taking it before trying and that I also shouldn't try again until seeing a specialist....

While this union is a little-discussed marriage from Kim's past, Damon Thomas needs to be discussed.I'm noticing the trend here is to take baby aspirin to prevent multiple miscarriages.PLEASE - do not jeopardize the health of your baby for the sake of having one!The couple's 23-year marriage ended somewhat recently, with the pair separating in June 2013 and finalizing their divorce in December 2014.Kim Kardashian and Damon Thomas Even though Kim K is now happily married in Kimye-wedded bliss, her journey to love wasn't exactly a smooth one.

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