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These players desired a return to the days of pump markers, ten round capacity, and 12-gram CO The Angel and the Shocker exacerbated a fundamental problem that had been brewing in the sport—as markers got quieter, with less vibration and kick, the vibration that used to keep paintballs from jamming in the hopper feedneck went away.

The solution was a move to motorized loaders, most notably the View Loader Revolution, which used a paddle to agitate the balls whenever an infrared beam in the feedneck became uninterrupted.

We are proud to offer you a large variety of Electric Solenoid valves at unbeatable prices.

As COPS, above, but the calibration of the software to detect ball presence is automatic.

The CQ2 air cylinder is the world's best selling pneumatic cylinder and can be supported globally.

The CQ2 is available in 15 bore sizes from 12mm to 200mm.

However, the reality of gravity set in, and it was obvious that to satisfy the appetites of the modern marker, the loader manufacturers were going to need to force the paintballs down the feedneck faster than mere gravity would allow.

As a result, modern markers now feature Empire's Reloader B2 and Magna Drive, Dye's Rotor, View Loader's VLocity, Odyssey's Halo, The Q-Loader and the Draxxus Pulse systems, each feeding at rates of 22 balls-per-second or more.

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