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Ralphus - so K3 is an Andreas Bethmann film - he certainly produces some over the top stuff - I've been wanting to get a copy of Exitus II - looks like that may be good review material.

Fritz - thanks for the tip on K3 - going to have to keep an eye out for that one - and loved the "Woman Called Horse" reference - you know, we have had that blood v no blood poll before but it doesn't hurt to bring it up again - gives new posters a chance to state their case and even old hands have their tastes change with the passage of time.

Your warning about the movie makes it even less likely that I'll be pushing myself to get a review done. Vince wrote: I found another review of the film in The Village Voice. I don't mind low budget films but they've at least got to have a sensibility to them where one can see that the filmmaker understands the fetish. ----------- Eda Chang wrote: Two days in a row for me with your pics, Ralphus. There is a part of me that misses the days when he would get into spats on the forum, blathering on about his vision and how he wasn't prepared to compromise his artistic integrity just to appease the masses.What's even more astounding is that no one here has reviewed either movie. BP, Finally read your question from earlier...shoot where the fiberglass was showing was done two summers is finished now...photogrey walls that you see in the new stuff.However that is a myth about fiberglass causing cancer like asbestos.I know weve talked about this before but it always helps to have a refresher. Found a power chair as I was getting on the freeway the other day. Can you say remote control fucking machine of death? These two videos I posted a while ago..account got suspended for them. Thanks, John M If anyone ever thinks they may be interested in having a custom production made by me, I have a special mailing list for that.------- According to this site, the anticipated Wonder Woman movie will be made for TV, not the cinema. Normally we don't beat/torture girls to death on their first trip to the studio. No nudity--looks like any other trailer on youtube. Closing Time Trailer and Coed Slaughter Trailer Anyhow, I just finished edited a video where the poor spy was tied up, tortured, electrocuted and more. Please email me if you are interested at: [email protected] use this list to announce new studio projects like prop and set design as well as getting feedback. And, most importantly, I sometimes have models passing through on short notice, or days with models already booked where I need to supplement their income and I offer deals on customs.

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Jessica Alba plays a hooker, and yet they show her having sex with her bra on. There is a shot of her ass, but I bet it's not hers.

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