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On the day when this was written, he received news of his appointment. With the booking of the votes he had, of course, nothing to do.That was why Tillie's romance had only paraded itself before her and had gone by.A year ago her half promise to Joe had gratified her sense of romance.His face was beaming in anticipation of booking another order.In Naples it would be an easy matter to change his booking to New York.

You have to go out into the world to get adventure and romance!Romanicus "of or in the Roman style," from Romanus "Roman" (see Roman).The connecting notion is that medieval vernacular tales were usually about chivalric adventure. Latin and Sanskrit also have words for "writing" that are based on tree names ("birch" and "ash," respectively). Verb meaning "to enter for a seat or place, issue (railway) tickets" is from 1841; "to engage a performer as a guest" It was necessary to hasten, so that he might be sure of booking a place in the diligence.If they draw the money, what matter to the booking agent what amount of money has been invested?

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Then I got an appointment in an office in Falcon-court, and have held it just six months.

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