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It wiped out the past, and the future was marked with faint shadows of uncertain meaning, which grew and became consolidated into colossal figures that gave A 2 PEELIMINAEY OBSERVATIONS. It became the uni- versal destroyer, the avenger of destiny to punish the accumulated wrongs of ages, by pitiless annihilation. Its vitality, its physical capabilities and its in- tellectual characteristics have combined to render it most prolific and persistent ; and while it occupies nearly one-third of the whole area of the habitable world, it has increased its numbers to more than two- fifths of the whole population of the globe. It occupies an intermediate position between the pre-historic and the historic stocks of the human race. It has be- queathed to posterity no literature, in which its mighty deeds are recorded ; it has developed no principle of law of universal applica- tion, and no system of government that serves as landmark to coming generations. It has left no monument by which the footsteps of its past career may be traced. ix plastic materials, that constitute, in the aggregate of their combina- tions, their inherent force of action, their characteristic colour and form, the universal whole comprising all existing things.

'^hh^ _3 1924 092 518 137 Cornell University Library The original of tiiis book is in the Cornell University Library. Oranges, citrons, and cocoa-nuts added variety to the picturesque colouring of the landscape.

But the king or emperor is dead indeed; he has no longer any consciousness of what passes in this world; and a living dog or a living lion is far superior in the animated world to a dead king or a dead emperor. It has ad- vanced from the infant helplessness of the savage and barbarian to a state of civilisation of a comparatively high order.

I46 MALATALAS, EANABESE, SOUTH DEAVIDIANS, TAMULS, TBLIN- GAS 164 TAMULIANS (OP CBTION) . tice in a future state of existence ; while he cannot escape the infamy of the historical hell of the moralist and the true, sincere philan- thropist. Its mental and physical development has reached the highest degree of perfection attainable by races who sprang into existence in equatorial regions.

" Hunc igitur terrorem animi tenebrasque, necesse est, Non radiei solis, neque lucida tela diei Discutiant, sed Naturae species, Ratioque." — Lucretius. Here were ancient forests, overgrown with majestic trees, whose shade-diffusing foliage was of the brightest, green.

The Turanian stock was first developed in Siam, in the valley lying between two mountain ridges, where the Meinam river washes the sandy banks with its gentle current, and discharges its waters into the gulf.

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