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Sometimes you traumatize it without realizing by biting down hard or awkwardly, or by grinding your teeth in your sleep.One of the main reasons people ask why their tooth is turning gray is that sometimes it is a result of trauma that occurred years earlier, and it has simply taken time for the pulp of the tooth to die completely.Topics:: 42nd Generation A broken world A Warrior Spirit Abandon Amazing God Stories Better Living Blog Community Cambodia Church Comfort & pain Community and Covenant Culture and Faith Dealing w/ junk in your life Debriefing Discipling Dreaming Faith & risk Fathering & Men's issues Fighting your enemy Finding your call Haiti How to Disciple Identity issues Improving yourself Innovation Intergenerational connection Journeys Justice issues Kingdom Dreams Kingdom Reality Leadership Listening Prayer Living Free Lordship Missions Missions photos Mobilization My Life Orphans Pain and the Kingdom of God Parenting Portraits of Disciplers Prayer Radical Living Reaching Your Destiny Refugees & Crisis Revival S.Sudan/Uganda Sex Trade & Trafficking Short-term Missions Simplicity Liberates You Spiritual Coaching Spiritual Formation Story telling Swaziland The Holy Spirit is on the move The Poor Vulnerability and me World Race Wounded healers Wrecked Youth Ministry Recent Posts:: If you know of others, please send me their URLs and information about them and we'll add them to the list below. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive listing of creditable orphanages.If you'd like to help orphans, but don't have much to give, you could help me better authenticate the orphanages I've listed here. Let them know that you'd like to help volunteers and donors to learn about their orphanage, but need to better understand their history and accountability structures. My mother and father are divorced and now my mother works as a prostitute. My mother is a house servant and my father is a laborer, so they could not provide for our family. I love to play with my new friends and take care of my baby sister. Then ask the following 7 questions: If you can send me the information that you uncover, then I will make a note on this blog that the orphanage has been checked out. I was brought to the House of Hope by one of the leaders from my mother's prostitution area. They decided to send me and my little sister, Sweetie, to the House of Hope. The best course of action if you notice this problem is to visit a dentist as soon as you can.

Most of the time, the graying is caused by the bacteria found in the dead nerve tissue inside your tooth.

This is a much less common cause of graying than trauma to the tooth.

In addition to these main causes, there are rare cases when bleeding inside the tooth can cause it to turn gray.

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After a root canal, you can get a crown put on the tooth.

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