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However some, including Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Simon Hughes, believe it is not enough of a deterrent.Death threat Mr Hughes, who is MP for North Southwark and Bermondsey, knows at first hand the seriousness of witness harassment and intimidation.About 75% had been intimidated by the original offender and about 20% were threatened by the perpetrator's family or friends.Any such intimidation is a criminal offence and punishable under the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act."The evidence wouldn't be shown if it wasn't going to be used and the court would decide how the person giving evidence would be protected." The Criminal Justice Bill would allow some trials to be heard in front of a judge only, if there was a strong suspicion of jury-tampering.It is criminal offence for someone to intimidate a witness, jurors or other persons involved in legal proceedings or an investigation.

Women are particularly likely to experience intimidation following a violent offence (26%) - many of these incidents involve domestic violence.'Swift action' Of the current situation on witness protection, he told BBC News Online: "It is better than it used to be."Witnesses can appear behind a screen and don't have to give their address in court.Witness tampering is the act of attempting to alter or prevent the testimony of witnesses within criminal or civil proceedings.Laws regarding witness tampering also apply to proceedings before the U. Congress, executive departments, and administrative agencies. To be charged with witness tampering in the United States, the attempt to alter or prevent testimony is sufficient.

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Eventually, the witnesses were able to give evidence from behind a screen while wearing balaclavas and boiler suits.

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