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For on that hungover morning, as she stared at that mug, Pooley decided something had to change. It’s hard for many of us to imagine giving up alcohol even for a month, particularly during cold, dark January. Her book– How One Mum Stopped Drinking And Started Living – is based on her mummywasasecretdrinker blogs, and describes her first 365 days of living without alcohol.Unable to remember the last time she’d gone a whole day without wine, she told herself she had to stop completely. Drink, after all, is a key element of our culture, the oil that lubricates our social lives, makes us funnier, more relaxed, relieves our stress. During that period, she also became a cancer survivor.HERE is Clare Pooley’s description of a bad hangover.It’s the day after her birthday, her brain seems to have “shrunk to the size of a marble, and it’s banging off the sides of my head like a game of pinball”.“The way I saw it, my fun life was pretty much over and now I had to grow up and be a proper adult and it’d never be as fun again.The party’s over.” She hadn’t anticipated that this part of her life would end up being better than the past.

But I do know a fair few people who knock that much back and it doesn’t seem, to me, that extraordinary. Wondering if I too have a skewed view of alcohol, I read up on the recommended weekly intake of 14 units, and am slightly shocked to learn that this constitutes less than a bottle and a half of wine, or five pints of beer, per week.

She describes her young adult self as a kind of Bridget Jones figure.

In fact, at one point, when some documentary filmmakers were looking for “real-life Bridget Joneses”, they called her.

Pooley’s former consumption isn’t that much higher than many people’s; 16 pints a week is average for middle-aged men. But women are catching up and the highest earners, according to the Office of National Statistics, are most likely to binge-drink.

Pooley has friends who regularly ask her when she is going to start drinking again.

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