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We’re driven in our own way, but our “drivers” are more about the life we want to live than the success we want to attain.

And of course, If you need to get to a literal destination in a big hurry in Bend, you will certainly be annoyed.

It’s a gorgeous place, the seasons are breathtaking, though they take some getting used to (you can never ever leave the house without layers; the temps vary so much that I’m constantly adjusting: sweater on, sweater off, why am I wearing boots now that it’s 68 degrees? Still, I love seeing my out-of-town friends’ faces when our 10 Barrel brunch bill arrives. Smiling at strangers has become such a habit for me (mind you: a conscious habit, I actually feel the joy that spreads across my face when strangers return the smile), that when I’m in a bigger city, I find it jarring that people don’t look at each other and take a moment to connect.

It’s a charming, vibrant small town, and while there are dog haters who will yell at you (or simply give you the stink eye) if you flout the law and let your well-behaved dog off the leash, it’s still pretty dog friendly. Yep, though the recent real estate frenzy is a little troubling. If you’re not in motion, there may be chit chat too. People here move at a slightly slower pace, so there’s almost always time to chat, unless chatting might get in the way of your cardio, or whatever sporty thing you may be doing.

I’ve discussed this ad nauseam in other places on BGTB, so I won’t belabor the point.

While I didn’t move to Bend to improve my dating life, I’m amused that I’m such odd duck around here. But most normal people did, and there are a lot of them in Bend. I moved here to put down roots, and do my own thing.I find myself sitting in the slow lane in “traffic” all the time, when it would be easy to switch lanes to get to my destination like a minute earlier, but why? ) singing along to The Sea The Sea, and changing lanes is just too much effort. If your blood pressure rises when you have to wait more than 10 minutes to place your order or when you have to track a server down to pay your bill in an understaffed restaurant, Bend might make you a little crazy. Because ambition isn’t the chief motivator in this town, sometimes it’s hard to get stuff done, to make things happen as quickly or as efficiently as you’d like.Service is almost always warm and friendly here, but it’s definitely laid back. If you’re a hard-core type-A personality accustomed to being surrounded by driven people, Bend will take some getting used to.Don’t bother honking, I’m too busy singing along and daydreaming about my next hike to even pay you any mind.There are so many talented artists, craftspeople and musicians doing their thing around town, it’s inspiring.

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I don’t feel the need to evangelize on behalf of the city; it’s either your cup of tea, or it isn’t. Just like any place, it has its limitations and bonuses, it’s benefits and it’s downfalls, but overall it’s the perfect place for me.

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