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It also removes the 30,000 pixel limit, allowing PNGs of practically any size to be opened and saved. Improve throughput of your files for use in Electric Image Animation System in excess of 100X!

If you work in EIAS Animator you cannot do without this one.

Bumble bringt Menschen zusammen – zum Daten, Freunde finden und Business-Netzwerken.

Über 24 Millionen Menschen haben sich bei Bumble registriert, um wertvolle Beziehungen zu knüpfen.

First one is, that you place the icon-file somewhere else (not in RT-folders) where Mason will not try to interpret the file as some part of source code. You need to create a subdirectory where you store the image of the favicon.

mv /opt/rt4/local/html/No Auth/images//opt/rt4/local/html/No Auth/images/hiddensource/ Then you create a dhandler-file, which Mason will use when there is no file with that name in the folder.

A compatible and improved replacement for Adobe Filter Factory. Filter Forge has released 4 free plugins, comprising 7 filters each.

Click Advanced Settings to set the dimensions, margins, columns, and padding values for your site (numerically, in pixels).

firebug's network tab doesn't tell me which one it downloaded. idealy i want all browsers to use the png instead of ico whenever they support it, and just fallback to ico for ie.

i am not sure how to verify if the code is already doing this or not.

You can also choose the Resolution and Language from this window.

You can always update these settings later by choosing File Click OK to close the dialog box when you are finished.

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