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Our coach provides us with intelligent and sensible steps to take as a team to achieve our desired changes.

We are committed to developing stronger relationships with our referring offices which, in turn, helps us treat your patients with the best care possible.

They have helped me fine tune my practice and have improved our work environment.

Productive Dentist Academy understands what it’s like to spend a decade in dental school, earn your degree, and be excited about finally starting your own practice – only to end up stressed out and drowning in debt. We know how to make your productivity soar – not by increasing your fees, investing in new systems or technology, or packing your schedule full – but by scheduling to productivity, optimizing your current systems, and getting your entire team on board.

Baird is one of America's most productive dentists, and Co-Founder Vicki Mc Manus Peterson owns multiple dental practices in Wisconsin.

Community Dental Programs: There are community dental programs that provide help to seniors, people with disabilities, the poor, patients on Medicaid, persons with no dental insurance, and persons in need of dental care they can't otherwise afford. This information is provided by the Michigan Dental Association.

Community Health Centers: Many community health centers offer dental care. Find more information on community health centers here.

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