Dating website about me examples for auditions

Here’s a super simple one that’s almost always an instant winner. Entertaining for your reader and it plays on our natural curiosity. Because of this, people can’t help but share it with others via Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, etc…

Use either one of these templates to knock-out a killer blog post when your strapped for ideas. So when done properly, your pillar posts should bring in a new burst of readers as well.

Earlier today, I was looking through a few online dating profiles and the following irritating phrase came up several times: “I’m a lil like marmite – you either love me or hate me.” Ah, ok, so you’re not a “lil like marmite” because you’re thick, pasty and smell like shit?

One of the fastest ways to start truly engaging with your community is to give them a peek behind the curtain. The fact is that we are living through the humanization of business and people are extremely interested in the person BEHIND the business itself. By providing them with something valuable AND entertaining, you’ll be the one that gets read.

Another great place to get article ideas is to tap into the media.

This is basically where you set an interesting goal for yourself and post updates on your progress over a 30-day period. A ‘pillar’ article is generally longer than the traditional blog post (1,000 words). We love listening in when we’re not supposed to 🙂 That’s why this template works so well… People love these types of posts because it keeps them in the loop on what’s going on in the industry without having to do all the searching themselves.

This sort of ‘flagship content’ is a comprehensive article dripping in value. Here’s an easy one that you can whip up quickly when you’re running short on time. Or the top blog posts from around the web that week. This could be the best Twitter posts, forum posts, best blog posts, best news items, best product releases, etc… does a really good job of this in their ‘Fetching Friday’ posts…

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