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We've known each other since grade school pretty much and have kept ourselves mostly insulated from normal folks. Her dad was a security guard for one of the local grade schools and her mom sold Amway or Mary Kay or something like that. She was adamant about "saving herself for marriage"..her mother loved to remind me every time I came over. I'm not sure exactly when she went from being "mom" to being a "milf", but it feels like those thoughts have always been there, vaguely wandering around the back of my mind.

Normal folks don't care about the quality of arcade ports, or covet the Wand of Orcus or know why they should always carry a towel. We used to study together and just sort of agreed without really saying anything that we were dating after I starting coming to her house to work on our algebra equations and she'd kiss my cheek when I left. We broke up over the summer and they moved away a few months into eleventh grade. I was an only child and I was breastfed, so that may have played into it, especially since my mom's highly affectionate and loving.

Now, to get to what you really want to hear about: losing my virginity to my mother. I had just gotten home from my job at the local game store and was trying to decide if it was a night for hacking orcs or blasting aliens. " "Yeah, mom," I called out, sitting down to boot up my computer. Kelly had me rearranging storage and doing inventory, so I'm pretty worn out." I heard the door creak wider open and turned to ask my mom about dinner, but my words collapsed into a gibberish pile on my tongue and I blinked in astonishment. Her makeup was subtle, but striking; the winged tips at the corners of her thick-lashed, emerald eyes lent her a vaguely cat-like appearance while the deep crimson stain on her plump, pouting lips begged to be smeared from rough kisses and sloppy blowjobs.

I went upstairs to my room, as usual, and had just kicked my shoes off and set my backpack down next to my desk when I heard my mom's voice float in from the hallway behind me. The delicate crystalline sparkles that dangled at her earlobes caused fairies of rainbow light to dance and play around the sides of her porcelain face.

Sometimes I'd sneak into their bedroom late at night to watch her sleep.

It's probably part of why I don't feel very confident with girls. I'm almost nineteen years old and because I'm something of a nerdy gamer stereotype, I've never been very good with girls. I got my dad's squashed nose and quirky sense of humor and my mom's small hands, elvish ears and penchant for sunburns.If depictions of any form of non- or semi-consensual sex offends or bothers you in any way, perhaps consider that the phrase "Reader Discretion Advised" may apply to you.The author does not condone any of his demented fantasies being played out in reality unless all parties involved are of legal age, sound mind and fully agreeable to the scenario beforehand. It was such an utterly insane experience and I can't tell anyone about it for real.Please, remember it's just a story and try to not take it too seriously. ***** I confess I've only recently lost my virginity. No one could possibly believe me, and if anyone did believe me, my family would disown me and it would ruin my life forever.So I'm just going to make a post on the internet through an anonymous account.

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But, sadly, I'm just a plain, normal, slightly out-of-shape, reasonably decent-looking guy.

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