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This was another strange thing about this girl she had no problem dancing half naked in front of strangers but it embarrassed her if I watched her at the club.

I took her to work and then picked up after her shift, we went to her place where we made love, and fell fell asleep.

There was an old doctor who use to prescribe secondal to her (her drug of choice) for blow-jobs.

she told me he was gross and disgusting but as long as he gave her the reds she didn't care.

Her dirty dishwater blond hair was kept scraggly and short; I don't think I ever saw her even try to put a comb in it.

However, inside those big lips was the biggest smile that always looked honest and friendly; she used it to get by, on the stage and in life.

As to her looks, it didn't bother me a bit, because Linda was a sexual maniac and being with her broadened my horizons beyond my wildest dreams.

In the morning when I woke up, she was already up and I went looking for her.

I heard her tub running and figuring she was preparing for a bath, I opened the door to offer a backwash to her.

I was not prepared for the sight before me, she had both legs splayed apart with her feet on the wall, and the faucet was pouring down into her pussy as she moaned like a porn star.

Just then, she had a huge climax and as I jumped back in surprise, I knocked something over.

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I even started wearing condoms (believe me this was long before aids and other deadly STDs) to make me last longer in the hope of making her climax.

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