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Since bingeing the series in the span of a just few days, I’ve done some major creeping to find out what these ladies have been up to since the started and ended.Following the series’ finale in which Whit married Sara, the 34-year-old ditched her dreads and moved to San Francisco to pursue a job as a realtor for Zopa Realty Group.Jill & Nikki Weiss-Goldstein I’m happy to report Nikki and Jill popped out another gorgeous baby since we last caught up with them in 2014.The couple’s latest addition, Grey Goldstein, arrived a year ago to the delight of his big brother Adler Goldstein.It’s clear the pair could not be more thrilled to be the moms of two boys.

than by saying, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”It’s crazy to realize, but it’s almost been five years since the show every queer woman loved to hate took its last breath.Mixter also maintains her celesbian status by hosting and promoting parties for Juicy Club LA.As for Whit’s marriage to Sara, it’s unclear how they’re doing since their stint on Vh1’s in 2014.“I feel like they wanted to make people out certain ways and that’s what the agenda was.”But she doesn’t regret being on the show, although she does note “the experience was something I would not do again.”Follow Rachel: @rachelrocket4u magazine, a publication dedicated to LGBTQA people of African descent.She suspended the mag in 2013 to focus on law school at University of La Verne, which she still attends with a focus in corporate tax and entertainment law.

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Follow Kelsey: @kelseychavarria Francine’s ex, Claire, is now married to Leslie O’Harrow Mosley and, together, they head up O’Harrow Clothiers which sells clothes for both men and women.

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