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But there’s more than bigger people back then (men of renown, sure). The environmental types might argue that A more elevated level of life would be possible – perhaps something 1980’s-like. When we talk about “sustainability” what do we speak of?There’s the lost levitation using sound as was done by Tibetan masters. “ a great game, but they have no “hands on” appreciation for the facts. Are we looking for further advancement and a higher standard of living?Each of Nelson’s Royal Navy war ships at Trafalgar (1805) required 6,000 mature oaks for its construction.In France, Colbert planted oak forests to supply the French navy in the future.Still, you can do some amazing stuff with small populations. What made it sustainable was likely the “lost technologies” – much of which has been collected by people like Robert Nelson over at I mentioned Tuesday.The Pyramids, for example went up in the 2630-2611 period – that’s per the reliable efforts of the U. There are footnotes and asterisks all over the place, sure: Races of extraterrestrial giants – the Genesis 6 Giants – Steve Quayle has been writing about ’em for years.This is not the case and I’ll show you why: Think of “lighting off humans” as a process much like burning a candle.

Sure, we can leave all the skyscrapers alone as they are, but within 200 years, they will be falling down. Plastic gasketing on windows will fail, glass will fall. You may not remember the pill box hat-wearing elevator operator Robert, who ran the elevator inside the Smith Tower when the ACLU was there in the 1970’s, but it was a fine old building even then: “During a trip to Seattle in 1909, (Lyman Cornelius) Smith planned to build a 14-story building in Seattle.

The local sewage from some 150 persons also enters the River.” The whole survey may be found here – and it’s a short read, all of 34 pages – but it underscores my contention that at least insofar as one local series of estuaries – Puget Sound in Washington State – had passed “sustainable prior to the close of 1945. There are better-studied discussions than this, of course. But remember that of the Middle East was once forest lands, the Egyptians had a solid agricultural deal going for a long while, and in the end, England was forced to develop coal-fired steam generation because the land had been largely deforested.

But do consider that once industrialization arrives, deforestation arrives shortly thereafter, land the race to desertification is only a matter of time. It’s why my ancestors in Scotland had taken to burning peat. The long, but honest answer for Dave is this: I looked at the data, concluded as good a point as any to make the sustainable population was from the deforestation of England to “feed the mills” and went from there.

Thinking through the Progress Problem is our breakfast special this morning.

The other day in a post, I made a remark that bothered one of our readers.

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