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Tress Mac Neille: Gigi (007) [voice], Felix (010), Topper (025), Carmen (123), Bonnie (149), Clip (177), Millie (220), Poxy (222), Melty (228), Tickle-Tummy (275), Amnesio (303), Hunkahunka (323), Mary (455), Richter (513), and Cannonball (520)Frank Welker: Shrink (001), Doubledip (002), Gigi (007) [barking], Checkers (029), Poki (036), Backhoe (040), Hocker (051), Fudgy (054), Zawp (077), Clink (086), Stamen (103), Shoe (113), Shredder (134), Weasel (148), Finder (158), Jam (202), Nosox (204), Retro (210), Pix (214), Sparky (221), Glitch (223), Mashy (225), Butter (227), Kingpin (229), Link (251), Mr.

Stenchy (254), Snooty (277), Spooky (300), Morpholomew (316), Spike (319), Nodessertro/Whatsisname (340), Swapper (355), Swirly (383), Slimy (390), Spats (397), Huggo (489), Yin (501), Yang (502), Ploot (505), Woody (507), Sprout (509), Deforestator (515), Splat (519), Slushy (523), Digger (529), Blowhard (533), Tank (586), Kixx (601), Sinker (602), Zap (603), Holio (606), Slugger (608), Plasmoid (617), Splodyhead (619), Stitch (626) [growling vocals], 627 [growling vocals], and Leroy [growling vocals]Jumba's first experiment is a small purple experiment with a lilac lower jaw and chest, three wobbly legs, two stubby little arms and two floppy antennae with two rings on each antenna.

He can confine, and prevent movement by firing toruses at a target. Hasagawa's cats were activated, as indicated by Gantu's experiment computer, but did not physically appear in the episode.

He has the ability to speak English, and hops instead of walks. She was referred to in "Remmy" when Pleakley said, "Is that the one that turns everything into ham?

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

Lilo and Mertle fought over him to get ahead in a chocolate bar-selling contest/fundraiser. Slick was rescued, but Lilo had to give up the contest by giving her last chocolate bar to an ill Gantu as a swap for Slick.

His one true place is at a fundraiser, following which he began working for charity, not profit.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

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A talented player of the harmonica and flute, he's also super-smart and athletic, making him very popular.

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  1. Pleated shorts with piping on the edges to match the printed top they’re paired with? One of my favorite moments from last night’s episode was Mondo’s freakout in the park when he spotted his muse, Grace.