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They were succeeded by the first Nubian language speakers, whose tongues belonged to the separate Nilo-Saharan phylum.

Accordingly, a 4th century victory stela belonging to King Ezana of the Kingdom of Aksum contains inscriptions describing two distinct population groups dwelling in ancient Nubia: a "red" Kasu population, who are believed to have been Cushitic speakers related to the neighbouring ancient Egyptians, and a "black" Sudanic-speaking population that was instead related to Nilotes.

Based on cultural traits, many scholars believe Nubia is derived from the ancient Egyptian noun nebu, meaning gold.

Shabti figurine of the Kushite King Senkamanisken ca.

Other parts of Nubia, particularly Southern or Upper Nubia, were at times a part of ancient Pharaonic Egypt and at other times a rival state representing parts of the Empire of Meroë or the Kushite Kingdom.

However, at the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt, all of Nubia was united with ancient Egypt, or Kemet, extending down to modern day Khartoum.

The western Sudan had a mixture of peasant agriculture and nomadism.

It was the language of the Noba nomads who occupied the Nile between the First and Third Cataracts and also of the Makorae nomads who occupied the land between the Third and Fourth Cataracts, following the collapse of the Kingdom of Kush sometime in the 4th century AD.The kingdom of Meroe also defeated the Persians, and later Christian Nubia defeated the invading Arab armies on three different occasions resulting in the 600 year peace treaty of Baqt, the longest lasting treaty in history.The fall of the kingdom of Christian Nubia occurred in the early 1500s resulting in full Islamization and reunification with Egypt under the Ottoman Empire, the Muhammad Ali dynasty, and British colonial rule.The origin of the names Nubia and Nubian are contested.What is more certain is that they ultimately denote geographical provenance rather than ethnic origin.

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