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Well, if they observed complete neutrality and left academics to their own counsel, their input would pass as simple generosity or as a contribution to good relations within the international community. Isn't the Islamic world badly misunderstood in the West, and wouldn't more teaching and research on it and its beliefs be a real boon?

And how can someone like myself, who has spent a lifetime studying, teaching and writing about Islamic and Middle Eastern subject think badly of such an endeavour?

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Those are genuine issues; Western leaders have so far failed adequately to respond to the threats they represent.

The clear and present danger here eclipses all the others: it is to the values of the Enlightenment.

There is a seeming logic in this – aren't extremely rich Muslim states entitled to further the study of their own societies, history, and religion?

It is our complicity in the rapid and so far unstoppable growth of direct Islamic (and indeed Islamist) control over whole departments and centers in a burgeoning number of Western universities in Europe and the USA. Do a handful of donations from Muslim governments to a number of European and American universities merit an entire article that starts out with claims that Western civilization is under threat?[T]here is a growing threat to Western leadership around the world.The threat is not Islamic terrorism (although that is a real and growing threat, especially in Europe, but increasingly in the United States).A second response for a small number of universities has been to open satellite campuses in foreign countries, several in the Gulf.For example, University College London, Heriot-Watt University, New York University and Ireland's Royal College of Surgeons run programs, respectively, in Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain.

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