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Ms Tarawa writes in her book of the occasion where she returned to Gloriavale as a modern woman to see what it was like from her new perspective.

She told FEMAIL of her return: 'My grandfather treated me like a stranger. He treated me like an outsider.'It was hard, but I wanted some closure from the world I had left.

Eventually, the Tarawa family left Gloriavale for good, at which point Ms Tarawa broke free from the religion which had defined her childhood and embraced the modern world and everything it brings:'I decided to write the book, Daughter of Gloriavale - My Life in a Religious Cult, because every time there was media about Gloriavale, I felt not too great about it.'It stirred a lot of feelings in me, and I felt as though I needed to talk to someone.

I was tired of feeling like I didn't belong in the real world like I did in Gloriavale and I wanted to let go.'So I said to myself I would put it into words.

Lilia Tarawa (pictured centre with Shepherd Fervent Stedfast and Shepherd Howard Temple), 26, grew up in the repressive, fundamentalist religious cult of Gloriavale Christian Community which was founded in 1969 by her grandfather, Neville Cooper (not pictured)While Ms Tawara's life inside Gloriavale as a woman was one of submission, domestic servitude and fear of eternal damnation and hell, Ms Tawara said her earliest memories were in fact ones of happiness:'I learned to work as a team when I was a girl,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

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The costumes for the recent TV series, The Handmaid's Tale, were inspired by New Zealand's Gloriavale community.

Children were even lower than women in the hierarchy - and everyone was made to share everything - whether it was meals, prayers or breastfeeding.

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