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Because of the nature of Valium, symptoms will seem to get easier and then suddenly spike with the strength you felt at the beginning of the withdrawal symptoms. Acute withdrawal lasts from 3-6 days, while other symptoms can persist for weeks or months later.

If you have any more questions regarding withdrawal from Valium please ask.Here, we explore the withdrawal process from diazepam and what you can expect over the course of the weeks after you stop taking Valium.We also invite you to ask any questions you may have about Valium at the end.Nobody in my family, dr or psychiatrist understand the intensity of the awful hell I am going through and mainly my family tells me to pull myself together. I would suggest that you contact 1-800-662-HELP to learn about local resources that you can connect with.Do you have anything to say that will make me feel more positive as right now I feel completely hopeless. Perhaps there are support groups in your area for withdrawal or addiction that can help you get through withdrawal from Valium.

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Back disc problem which was extremely painful, 5 mg four times a day, along with, gaberpentine, morphine capsules and liquid and codeine phosphate.

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